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Childbirth after Copr

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by affysiddiq, Oct 7, 2019.

  1. Me and My wife applied through EE and got our COPRs and I (Primary applicant) have landed in Canada and got my PR card but my wife is still in India. But my wife is 4 Months pregnant so we are considering having the baby delivered in India. So I have two questions . 1) My wifes entry visa on passport is valid till 28 Jan Can that be extended and will she receive a new COPR. 2) Can I add the child in the application after birth and will the child receive COPR .

    Finally what will be the procedure for the above
  2. The COPR cannot be extended. Your wife should travel to Canada as soon as she can to become a PR. She can return to India immediately.
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