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Child benefit

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by Joost, Jun 16, 2018.

  1. hello, does anyone know if the child benefit will be retroactive payd? I moved from The Netherlands to Canada and I have to wait 18 months before I get my first child benefit payment. It is hard to find secure information about this.
  2. What's your status in Canada?
  3. Work permit 2 years & 3 months. Processing for PR now.
  4. Did you apply at 18 months? You only qualified at 18 months so no retroactive payments from before then. You did qualify at the 18 month point.
  5. Sorry, what do u mean? I am here still 8 months. Do U mean I have to apply after 18 months and then I get money retroactive?
  6. You will qualify once you have been in Canada as a worker for 18 months. It can take a few months to be processed, so your first payment would be back-dated to that 18 month mark.

    You will not get any retroactive payment for time before that 18 month mark.
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  7. If you leave the country after your work permit or become a visitor you must inform CRA to stop payment or you will be responsible for reimbursing any payments.
  8. Thank you! Thus, after 18 months been in Canada as a worker I can get the Money retroactive back over those 18 months...that is not bad! Does anyone know a website with more info about this topic?
  9. No that's not what the post said. When you apply at 18 months it will take a few months to process but you will get retroactive payments from 18 months on.
  10. Not what I said. I don't understand where you are getting this idea of retroactive payments to a time when you don't even qualify.

    I will say it again: you do NOT qualify during those first 18 months, therefore you will NEVER receive payment for those 18 months. Your first payment will be back-dated to the 18 month mark when you started to qualify.
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  11. Thank you. Who are you and where do you get this information from?
  12. The information is clearly stated on the website that as a temporary worker you only qualify after 18 months and still have a valid work permit in the 19th month.

    As quoted in the link below payments can start from the month after you become eligible and not before so from month 19 onwards if you apply as soon as eligible.

    Clearly stated in link below and there are no retrospective payments for months 1-18 given not eligible.

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  13. As said above, this is very clearly explained on the website.
  14. So.. what happened? I am doing this now and find it strange the forms ask for earning outside Canada for the year when we arrived. Why do they need to know that if the payments are only for the future? Interested to know what happened in your case
  15. How much you receive is based on your previous income.

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