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Checklist changed for SuperVISA

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by dmalik901, Aug 8, 2018.

  1. Hi

    I am in the process of reapplying od SuperVisa for my wife's parents which were refused a month ago and noticed few things changed in the required documents.

    • Business registration (required)
    • Proof of means of Financial support (required)
    • T4 or T1 (required)
    • Medical Insurance Coverage (required)
    • Inviter's Employment Letter (required)

    For added documents, I am going to provide documents but for deleted ones looks like they don't want ours (inviters/sponsors) financial details anymore? How can we provide our (inviters/sponsors) financial details now?

    Also, not sure why they no longer want Medical Insurance Coverage anymore?

    Is I am doing something wrong or above are the new changes?

  2. No it is a still a mandatory requirement to include hosts income and medical insurance coverage.
  3. You have probably made incorrect selections. It seems like you have a document checklist for a Business TRV and not for a super visa
  4. I am sure I have selected the Purpose as "Visit". After answering Yes to "Do you own a business in the country where you currently live?" It asked to attach business registration proof.
  5. Regardless of the document checklist, you must provide proof of medical insurance + your financial documents + your birth certificate, etc. These are mandatory documents for a super visa and these requirements have not changed
  6. Sure I will attach those. One more question, since last time one of the reasons for refusal is "No travel history", should we attach a letter of explanation why there is no travel history?
  7. The explanation won't help. Either your parents have traveled to other countries/visa-required countries in the interim or they haven't. And, this would be apparent from their passports.

    For super visas, the focus will be on your financials + your parents' good health + some basic ties to their home country (as compared to proving strong ties for TRV approvals)

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