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CHC, Islamabad Spouse Sponsorship Timeline 2009 -2010

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by peacekeeper, Nov 10, 2009.

  1. Nothing yet.

    I think they are probably done with their first quarter quota for Visa's so they stopped sending the Re-PCC and IMM forms request. I know only one case for early january file transfer who got the first request. Other than that nobody from January 2011 file transfer got any request so far.
  2. Danny brother is ur file in process or still saying file recieved
  3. Congratulation those who are getting Remedic, PPR, REPCC, IMMs, etcc, well chc is compeleting files faster and now running like rabbit not turtle anymore ;D
  4. It says "In Process" which means that they have done the initial review.
  5. Where is bestbro?? looks like hes gone for Interview :p :p
  6. yes hiz nick is blueye n i read hiz post in 2011 forum
  7. plz na koi me ko batae k kia status change hou ya na hou isy koi fark parta hai me ka q nhi hoa abhi tak me bhi tu april ki hn
  8. Inshallah u will here somthing soon

    Danny brother 1 question

    I have my ticket for going to pakistan in july and printout from stating when my vacation should get a job letter saying that i will be returning back to wogk on yhis date

    Or should i wait and sent chc my ticket and boarding passes after i return which i think will be to late i return august 3rd file transfer is august 31
  9. heyy masoom!! Why are you so worried ?? You will get the request soon :) Worrying wouldn't do any wonders my friend !! Just be chill like all of us and let's be happy that finally CHC has started working and they are not sleeping on our files anymore! you are gonna get the good news really soon ! Just pray for yourself and everyone :) takecare

    PS- Hi everyone , please stop making fun of her ..thanks
  10. Sis stop stressing out there are people waiting before u just pray and relax inshallah u will here soon
  11. hi khilafa !
    Your file transferred in May ? Do we have the same timeline !Husband or wife case?
  12. When I emailed CIC M regarding status of my application they wrote back
    Ur application is currently in process and is in queue for intial review.
    does this mean they are done with intial review :(
  13. I don't think it would be wise to send them your ticket now. They would want to know if you came back or not etc etc. Your wife can send your ticket, pictures from visit etc right after you come back to Canada. If they are done your initial review by that time, then just wait for the first request to come and send it along if they want visit pictures etc.

    I didn't send any proof from my november visit, just informed them via email.
  14. ecase per status change honay sey koi faraq nahi parta, because it updates sometimes and sometimes not. My wife has received updated forms and medical request but her status still shows the same since the day first "Application Received", nothing has been changed on ecase

    Just relax every body gonna hear from CHC soon, they are working on good speed now

  15. In my opinion they are done with the initial reviews till feburary 2011 file transfers. We only saw one case of March file transfer got the Re-med and PPR request and that was an odd case too.

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