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channel to a transit visa holder

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by alexav1, Sep 15, 2018.

  1. hi all, simple problem (i guess)! im going to israel through toronto. arriving 5 AM at YYZ and only taking the other one, next day 4PM. Too much time to be at the airport. am i allowed to sleep at some hotel near by? do i have to go through some immigration channel for that? since my transit visa permits 48 hours around, maybe thats possible. on the web, some people say its ok, some say you cant leave the airport. oficial info says you cant. so i dont know what to expect. tky all
  2. You will need to apply for a regular TRV/visitor visa if you intend to leave the airport
  3. thats what i thought. tks Bryanna
  4. Another bit of advice:
    Don't book tickets until your TRV is issued. Or else avoid transiting through Canada. Visa processing times can take much longer sometimes than the estimates posted on the IRCC website

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