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change in visit dates

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by iaq07, Oct 15, 2016.

  1. Hi

    i need some help. my TRV was granted on 5th oct. this is the date which i mentioned to travel when i applied. Now due to some emergency situation in my family i have to postponed my visit to 27th Oct. Will this create any problem for me at port of entry and can i go with same itinerary of my visit like i have mentioned in my file that i have to go to jasper sky tram and jasper park, banff park etc or do i have to change anything because of winter coming in Canada. Any help will be appreciated. I have to book tickets as well.
  2. No problem.

    Just be sure to carry evidence of such emergency.
  3. thanks jalex

    actually my mother passed away on 6th oct. my visa was approved on 5th oct. in such case what type of evidence do i have to carry?
  4. Anything that proves what you are saying is true.

    Death certificate in English for example.
  5. alright

    thanks jalex for your help

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