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Change conditions on open work permit

Discussion in 'Foreign Workers' started by Thronion Alb, Apr 19, 2018.

  1. Hi to all...
    I just want to share my experience about changing conditions on my spouse open work permit.
    She was not allowed to work in healthcare services etc ( school, childcare ).
    1. First step is to book an appointment with a panel of physicians ( the one in your area recomended in the CIC website ).
    2. Medicals costed 338 $.
    3. They submitted results in 10 days.
    4. Called CIC agent about changing conditions on owp and he said that if u are from a visa exempt country, u can go to the border. If your country need a visa to enter in Canada , for changing conditions on owp we should apply in Alberta by paper or online.
    5. We knew it would take a lot of time. Waited more than 1 month and than went/tried to USA border to flagpole.
    6. Officer there issued a new wp without the conditions. No fee was required.
    7. Its important to have with u passport, work permit, and the code IME recieved when u do medicals.
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  2. Hi, did you need a TRV to do a flagpole? I searched the CIC website and it's not necessary when visiting the US (not that you are really going to the US to do a flagpole). May I also know which border you went to? Thanks.
  3. U dont need TRV. Thats why they call it flagpole.
    U have the wp and u re-enter in Canada on that status.
    U can go at any border u want ( important to have immigration services).
    Depends where u live.
    There are some border points that dont have immigration services, but those are some small ones in any rural area.
    U must know that after medicals, it needs a month that the results are submitted to IRCC in the system.
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  4. Hi, may I know which border you went to? Thanks!
  5. I live in Saskatchewan.
  6. Oh, ok. I'm in Alberta and will try to flagpole tomorrow.
  7. Good luck...
    Passport and IME ( the paper u got at the doctor with your photo ) with u.
  8. What happened?
  9. It wasn't successful, unfortunately.

  10. Hi there, can you please tell us what did you tell the officer exactly?
    Thank you
  12. Can you plz tell me what do you mean by ( if you are from visa exempt country) . I was also thinking to visit boarder what should I tell them? If they said why did you put these conditions earlier?
  13. To remove the conditions on a work permit about not working in healthcare and teaching anyone can go to the border after the medical.
  14. I went to border and he completely said no we can’t change it ... you have to go online....on Niagara border.

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