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CES Rush service !!!!

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by salman_ali94, Jul 5, 2018.

  1. Has anybody availed CES rush service? If yes, then what is the procedure of availing it? Also, what possible reasons can we give for availing such service?
  2. I have not availed it. But I did speak to them recently and they do offer the same. They categorically told me that they do it in case of job offer expiring (something like that) and one more case(I dont remember- something like a nomination expiring). But I gave my story which was something personal and I was able to convince the call center rep and they confirmed to me that in my case they will approve the rush service. The process was to avail normal service and once the documents are received and accepted from institute - Then I need to submit a request on the contact us page and in my case I had to quote the Name of the contact center rep who confirmed my case. Post that I need to make extra payment and within 5 business days ECA will be given.

    My sense was that they want that additional 500$ but they just need a good reason - So as long as you can give a sound logical and convincing reasoning you should not face any issue.
  3. I appreciate your reply.
    Frankly speaking, I am not able to think of a logical reason at the moment. Can you please advise me about what reason can I give?
  4. Hi. Did you manage to avail the service. Please share your experience
  5. If we give some reason like my old IELTS result is expiring..in Sep.. do they check with the IRCC..?.cross verify the details?.
  6. Hi Richi
    Did u managed to get this service ? Please update
  7. I did pretty convinced CES to give me rush service,but the issue came as my diploma was not eligible for assessment.
  8. Thank for reply Richi,

    Can u please explain in details how u managed to convice them , any reason you mentioned (over phone or emai) and what happen with diploma like diploma had issue with rush service or normal assessment too .
  9. Give personal reasons and talk with them on phone..try to convince them emotionally showing your urgency.
    the diploma had 16 credits, they said they aleast need 28 credits to give assessment.
  10. Okk thank you , one last thing richi, so with normal service , were you able to got equivalency ?
    Please confirm if for Only rush service , were the credetis required and not for normal service
  11. credits are required for all services.
    no my diploma was not eligible for assessment at all
  12. THANKS A lot for your help and information Richi
  13. Richi, do u have any idea about how many credits pg diploma course may have having 4 subjects ( exam hapen one time after year)
  14. depends upon university to university
    usually mine was only diploma,not pg diploma, having 4 subjects ,so 4 credits they gave per subject.
    urs is pg diploma,u might get more credits per subject
    dont worry, if they dont assess it by any 1% chance, they will refund the whole amoount
  15. Ok Richi,
    Thank you so much for all the informtion

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