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Certified Criminal Record Check

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by molson, Nov 4, 2011.

  1. Hi guys,

    I have received request to provide a certified criminal record check from Canada for myself from Buffalo.

    Does it mean the normal criminal record check or the finger print version? I did send my Certified criminal record check from Canada to Buffalo when I submitted my application back in June 2011.

    Do you think they are asking for an updated criminal record check or they want the finger print criminal record check? (it does not mention fingerprint in the email)

    Anyone has experience? please share your thought.

    Thank you so much!!!
  2. Hi, Molson, i think you should do a fingerprint check, this can be done at your local police dept.
    The CIC request a name search for all PR applicants, usually they don't need extra check unless some with a criminal record has the same or similar name as you, so they need you to do a fingerprint check to further verification.
    But the safesy bet is still contact CIC call center or buffalo office just to confirm what they really want
  3. go to Comissionaires with all your info (CLIENT ID AND ADDRESS OF BUFFALO EMBASSY) and turnover suppose to be less than a week. gl!
  4. Hi Latitudeqd,

    Guess what, I went to the police station asking for fingerprint, they said they cant do it for me unless the letter stated "FingerPrint", so, I only got my name search criminal record done. I will try commissionaires again on Monday. According to Commissionaires I will have to send it to Buffalo VO after the fingerprints have been verified from Ottawa centre.

    WIll try to call CIC call center on Monday and check with them again.

    Thanks for your tips.

  5. Hi Ethels,

    Yes, will try again commissionaires on Monday.

    Do you know how the actual process works? I got a mixed info.

    According to the commissionaires, they will do the fingerprints and then send to Ottawa (not Immigration office, is Police centre) for verification, the Ottawa will send it back to me and I will have to send to Buffalo.

    Its the way?

    Any idea?

  6. You're confused man

    Well of course, Commissionaires ONLY collect your digital fingerprints, then RCMP in Ottawa MUST issue the certificate.

    If you include your Client ID and the address of Buffalo consulates, then they (RCMP Criminal Record Centre in Ottawa) can forward this information directly to Buffalo (instead of getting sent to you and for you to forward it). Make sure that both Client ID and Buffalo address are in the form.
  7. I had same experience with buffalo before first they ask me for fingerprints ,i did and commissioneri send out results to buffalo in july but in october i got request for submission of police certificate from me then again i did fingerprints and rcmp send me police certificate and i forward that to buffalo.
  8. Thank you so much to Ethels and Raj84 for sharing the experience, ! Thumbs up for you guys! :D
  9. Hello Dear Ppl,

    When you mentioned "go to Comissionaires", did you mean the following institution?

    If yes, was your case successfully processed by them? And how long did it take?

    I received email from "OttPilot-Immigration" on March 15, instructing me to submit "criminal record check based on fingerprints"

    So, I am planning to go to this one next week: "Commissionaires Great Lakes, 80 Church Street, Toronto, ON M5C 2G1"

    Any suggestion? Advice?

    Thanks in advance

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