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Certified Copy...How to get one?


May 29, 2020
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I'm confused as to how to get a certified copy of my ID card.

In the CIC website, it says that I can get a certified copy from a notary public, if I'm outside Canada. This is directly from the website:

Certified true copies
To have a photocopy of a document certified, an authorized person must (as described below) compare the original document to the photocopy and must print the following on the photocopy:
  • “I certify that this is a true copy of the original document”,
  • the name of the original document,
  • the date of the certification,
  • their name,
  • their official position or title, and
  • their signature.

I'm currently residing in Turkey, and notars here don't write anything on the copy...they simply compare the copy with the original and stamp it. That's it.
Also, they stamp it and sign in in Turkish.

Any idea what I should do? Thanks