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Certificate of qualification

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by Amankahlon, Apr 23, 2018.

  1. Hello everyone

    I am writing this in regard to Certificate of qualification in a skilled trade. I have Certificate of operator in training (all 4 classes) from Ontario water and waste water certification office regulated under Ministry of environment and climate change. I have passed the exam with 82 % and obtained all the four certificate’s. I read on CIC that Water and wastewater treatment operators is a skilled trade under major group 92 with NOC 9243.

    I have an express entry profile under Canadian experience class but i have not received invitation to apply for permanent residence yet. In the profile , they ask the question if i have a certificate of qualification in a skilled trade from a canadian province. So i just wanted to know that if i should select ‘yes’ in that option and if i will get 50 points for the skill transferability?. I am confused because i dont work as an water or wastewater treament operator yet but looking to work as one soon. I have rather been working as a Quality control technician- food processing(NOC 2211) for more than 1.5years.

    Please help me in this regard as if should update my profile by selecting yes in certificate of qualification question.

    Thank you
  2. I don't think you need the work experience that relates to trade certification to claim the skill transferability points. The CRS criteria does not mention work experience when it comes to cert. of qualification. The certificate of qualification alone should be enough. But I'm not 100% sure...
  3. Hi @limin_w . So should i select yes in the certification question and do you think i will get the points ?
  4. The question asks whether you have certificate, not work experience associated with certificate. So answer yes :)
    I think you should get the points, but let the online portal confirm that for you.
  5. I am confused because my work NOC is different from the certificate of qualification that i have (9243). And i read forums here people saying that certificate of qualification is only for people who work in skilled trades @limin_w .
  6. Emm... to be honest, I could not be sure. Maybe they are talking about the Federal Skills Trade stream?
  7. But why would they ask this question if i am under canadian experience class ?
  8. Because you would still be eligible for the bonus points regardless of your stream. What I’m saying is that the Noc requirement might be specific to FST.
  9. Ohh okk. Thanks @limin_w . I have written the same thing to CIC as well. I am waiting for their reply. Lets see what they say.
  10. Good luck!!
  11. Hello, please kindly assist me with email address used to write to CIC.
    Have been trying to get one, but it's difficult to get one on their site.
  12. I am going for this OIT certification too. Did you receive any points for this certification ? And is it mandatory to do all the 4 modules of the to get the certification.?
  13. Did any one tried this ?? Is it valid to choose COQ for this trade.. I have applied without any option. Can seniors leave a reply regarding this please??
  14. Hi Pecxjj and Ishleen,

    What is your status guys, Did you get 50 points for having an OIT under CEC class ? I work in 9243 which is skill trade in canada but it is not a trade in Ontario can I still get 50 points ?
  15. Hi @Amankahlon
    can you please tell about this exam process what exactly we have to study

    Thank You

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