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Cec with 125+ days AOR , any one ?

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by Raghu436, Jun 13, 2018.

  1. Hi my aor is Feb 6th ,starting Feb 20 heard no updates except medicals passed and no additional documents required.anyone in the same boat? Some one from February or below.
  2. Hi
    I Submitted my application on Feb 6th 2018. Additional document submitted on Feb 16th. No news since then except medicals passed.
  3. What's the additional document u submitted?
  4. AOR - Feb 12.
    RPRF - March 12
    Medicals passed.
    No additional documents required
    CEC Outland / Australia.
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  5. I'm in the same boat.
    AOR:21 Feb
    Medical passed:6th March
    No update since then.
  6. Processing time standard is 6 months, that puts you into August. No need to worry before then :)
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  7. Did U call them up ?
  8. Yes Evey month from March , they say samething no updates what so ever.i am also expecting my first gcms notes this week or early next week
  9. I have problem with my employers ,one of them is not active if he misses call or information from cic I'm messed up and my workperwork expires on Aug 14th and my 6 months proccesinp time finishes on Aug 6th.
  10. did you check with them whether your Eligibility has been done ?
  11. I am not sure,one piece of information I received in my previous call was they are processing one background check from last 4 months and need to start another one.
  12. So next time you call them ask about your eligibility, whether it has been completed and what is recommendation (pass or otherwise)... that will ensure at least the points your claiming on your PR application is secured...

    When does BGC actually start is still an illusion imho, it can go on in parallel in a "cloak mode" or may start after the eligibility... Almost 1.5 months ago when I spoke to the CIC agent, they told me my eligibility has not start but BGC is ongoing...
  13. Well I'll give it a shot, anyways I'll be getting my gcms notes which should make things clear

  14. Got my PPR yesterday.
    AOR 12 Feb.
    PPR 20 June.

    Good luck with your application
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  15. Hey Raghu any update on your side ?

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