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CEC two job offers same NOC code and assessment of credentials

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by Akku123, Nov 10, 2019.

  1. Hello all,
    I am just writing to know that next month i am going to apply under CEC.
    I have two job offers with same NOC code A.
    I did masters from canada and i have already finished my IELTS exam. So my questions here are following:
    1. Do i need to do education credential assessment. I have a master's from canada and bachelor's from India.
    2. Am i really eligible to apply under CEC because i have worked for two employers in one year term.
    3. Can i apply next month or CEC is no longer accepting applications.
    4. I am also confused with LMIA. I have two job offers and that are valid. So what exactly here LMIA is? My employer told me you don't need LMIA but i am not sure.

    I would really appreciate for answering my questions. Thanks for lending a helping hand.
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  3. Thanks so much for reply. I have post graduate work permit. I guess i am eligible for CEC.
    My employment history:
    Kal polymers : 11 Nov. 2018- 02 August 19
    Dun rite: 5 aug 2019 - present.
    What you think?
  4. Would need to know the date you applied for the PGWP, the NOC codes, and number of hours worked per week to say if you were eligible...
  5. I got my work permit on 20th August 2018. I worked more than 35 hours per week plus noc code of both jobs are 2141. Can i have your email id please i will send you my offer letter
  6. To clarify about the LMIA, you do not need it to be eligible to apply. However, as you are on a PGWP, you would need an LMIA to have a valid job offer.

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