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CEC - NOVEMBER 2019 Applicants

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by Sureshmanokar, Nov 19, 2019.

  1. Hi Friends, CEC applications who received AOR in NOVEMBER join this group. Share your timelines to others applicants.
  2. HI ,

    I have declined my novemember ITA , Can I keep the same EE profile and allow to be in the same pool ? Can I edit the profile ?
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  3. Hi, yes you can edit the profile and it will be in the pool for the subsequent draws until your profile gets picked. Each profile will be valid for one year.
  4. No ..it's not letting me edit the profile. I can view the details and it's in a transmitted state
  5. I want to remove my arranged employment points which I claimed earlier .how can it be done?
  6. Sorry for the confusion. You can't edit express entry profile once you receive your ITA. Your express entry profile will be locked permanently.
    But you can declare correct details in your PR application with the LOE unless your CRS score wasn’t not affected and still eligible for your draw.

  7. You have to start all over again.
  8. Hi Vivicleo ,

    Can you let me know how you can reject the current EE profile which is transmitted and have another one where I can start over again and submit it correctly without arranged employment?
  9. Shall I keep doing decline of PR application ? I got another one just now but that is not my real CRS score ? I have to decline again now. Is that fine ?
    How do i start all over again ?
  10. you have to define the current invite and that is it. Nothing else to be done. Just go into your EE profile and start again through apply to come to canada. MAKE sure you select the right NOV
  11. no it says , you have an active EE application and doesn't allow me to make one more
  12. Hi all,

    Any expert advice will be appreciated.

    I have got the ITA on Nov13, 2019. As per my profile I am qualified for CEC. I have just completed 52 weeks this week only. but I got the invite when I have completed only 50weeks of Canadian Experience. Due to system glitch (month to month)

    Since I haven’t submitted e-APR is there any chances of getting refusal due to the acceptance of ITA before the 52 weeks of Canadian Experience?

    Please read the below for reference;

    Under section A11.2, an officer may not issue a visa to an applicant who did not or does not meet the Express Entry minimum entry criteria (MEC) or did not or does not possess the qualifications for which they received their CRS score at the time when

    the invitation to apply (ITA) was issued;
    the e-APR was received by IRCC.

    Is this does mean I’m I eligible to get PPR or my profile will rejected due to not meeting MEC at the time of ITA.
  13. ITA: 27 Nov 2019
    AOR: 28 Nov 2019
    CEC applicant inland
    crs- 473
  14. Got Nomination from Alberta : Nov 8th
    ITA: 13 Nov 2019
    CRS: 891
    Application submitted : 27th November
    AOR: 27th November
    Inland Citizenship from Pakistan
    Applied with wife both Inland

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