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CEC-Inland @ CPC-Edmonton (2019)

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by Sparta02, May 7, 2019.

  1. Hello guys,

    Starting this thread for CEC-Inland applicants with AORs in 2019, being processed at the Edmonton Visa Office.

    Please post updates/changes to your application so everyone knows what's going on there as Edmonton is not the fastest processing centre. This way everyone will stay in the loop.
  2. AOR March 13,
    MEP: April 25
    Status: Ip2 (April 26)
    File transferred to CPC-Edmonton: end of April.
  3. september 2018 AOR. eligibility RR, criminality in progress, security not started, Med passed, Edmonton secondary office
  4. Mine is Edmonton too.
    Aor is 28 March
    Mep 8 may
    Adr for rcmp 8 may and submitted on 24 may
    Eligibility under review
    Security not started
    Criminality not started
  5. Did you get this status by calling cic agent, or submitting information request form?
  6. I called them.
  7. Hi, Any updates on timelines for your file?

    Mine is on Edmonton and seems slow based on other folks' timelines. Here are my dates:
    AOR - July 20
    Called CIC, eligibility in process.
  8. AOR - Aug 04th

    Meds Passed - Aug 27th

    BG - In progress

    Eligibility - Reviewing

    VO - Edmonton

    Category - CEC (2 applicants)

    Any one on the same boat?
  9. Same boat! Timeline in signature
  10. Have you received your PPR Mail yet ?
  11. AOR - 17th July
    Med - 16th Aug
    RPRF - 10th Oct

    VO - Edmonton
  12. My Timeline:
    AOR: 20 July 2019
    Medical Passed: 16th August 2019
    Background Check: We are performing your back ground check. We will let you know if we need more information from you.
    I am in IP2 stage.
    VO - Edmonton

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  13. Mine is 12 july and same status
  14. Thats nice. Fingers crossed ..!!

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