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CEC- Food service supervisors NOC- 6311

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by Victoria33, Jan 19, 2019.

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    hello folks,

    I am working as a food service supervisor and presently on my PGWP and have two more years remaining on it.I looked it up and it comes under NOC 6311 which is NOC B

    I would like to know whether the one year work experience under NOC 6311 as a food supervisor will qualify under Canadian experience class? ( As someone told me even though its NOC B, Food service supervisor is not qualified under CEC )

    Secondly, my education in canada is one year diploma in health science and which is not related to the job am doing.So will it affect my eligibility under CEC ?

    if am not eligible under CEC, can I still be eligible under FSW (Federal skilled worker) given the above two facts of working in NOC B occupation and not having education related to my work experience.

    for the minimum wage requirement, do I have to satsify the low,median or high wage requirements for my job or not ?

    thanks for your support.
  3. I have 2 yrs in Tims as Food service supervisor .

    Plus a bachelors ECA , and a diploma in social work .

    Ielts 8 7. 7 6.5 .

    need to know right away please . My work permit is expired .

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