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CEC Eligibility work-related experience under review,join here!

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by muzishao, Jun 24, 2019.

  1. Hi,
    I am CEC inland applicant, recently received my 1st note. Case analyst revised my score of CA work experience I claimed.

    AOR: November 2018
    Eligibility: RR
    Criminal: Pass
    Security: not start

    Anyone is facing a similar situation, let's connect here.
  2. CEC applications are taking longer than usual as compared to others
  3. I have same issue.

    AOR 4th October
  4. have your ordered GCMS notes? do you know what is the review required for?
  5. Hi,
    Is there any reason for this, CEC should be more easier, correct?
  6. there is no reason.. it is just delay.. we thought it too that CEC will be easier but it is not
  7. CIC is understaff.
    Let's keep update and connect here, Bro
  8. sure.. i am always here :)
  9. Hi guys,

    I have done certifications in Canada and I have 1year expierence in Canada. But as soon as i completed my bachelors back in India I worked for one year but it’s not continuous. Can I add that as well while updating the profile.
  10. this is not the threat to ask question like it. it is for people in review. but yes the continuous work is not necessary but 1 year work is necessary
  11. Guys, any update for your file?
  12. Hi muzishao,

    What do you think could have caused revision of the score related to your work in your case? You employment letter does not include certain things or it was found shorter than you claimed?
  13. Hi Bro,
    My thing is that I work for a dental clinic, but my major duty is for office administration, nothing about medical. But the case analsy mark no previous working experience and edcation background, revised my score. I was so shocked. would like to provide a reference letter to CIC. Have submitted T4, noa,paystub, don't know what else i can provide.
    Do yo have any suggestion? many thanks
  14. What NOC are you going for? Are you going for a NOC which you don’t meet the hiring requirements? If you are doing purely office administrative tasks nothing medical, maybe 1241 administrative assistant? This NOC should only require high school education.
  15. Hi Bro,
    Yes, I claimed NOC 1241, it fits my education background, skill and real work experience, but donot know why the case analyst revised my score.

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