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Carrying more then 10k$?

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by 884Thunder, Sep 19, 2019.

  1. Hello,
    I am currently on vacation in my home country, I am planning to bring back in Canada with me more then 10k$, I know that I have to declare to immigration at the airport what else should I be aware of? Do I have to report to CRA as well and pay tax on that amount? Do I have to full any kind of form and bring with me when I arrive at the airport?
  2. Nope. Just declare it on the appropriate question onnone of those annoying customs kiosk screens.
  3. Also just make sure that you include any foreign currency in the plus 10k total
  4. Thanks guys,
    How about CRA, do I have to report and pay some tax on amount over 10k Usd ?
    I have bank statement that I withdrawed from my bank that amount.
  5. HI

    1. No and No.
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  6. Right. They will take you for the secondary inspection to fill this form. Last month in Toronto McPherson airport I just gave the officer the note with a list of my money, like amount of CAD, US, EURO, etc. and he figured out exchange rate and filled the form. I just signed it.
  7. Was your totall amount over 10k CA?
  8. Yes, it was USD 10K plus some change...
  9. Thanks for your help.

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