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Caregiver application in the Philippines refuse

Discussion in 'Caregiver Pathways' started by Avon123, Jun 20, 2019.

  1. Hi Guys'
    My sister in law just recived the decision from her caregiver application in the Philippines. The date of the letter is June 11,2019. She submitted her application last May 29, 2019 and undergo her medical exam last June 14. Actually I am her employer.
    There are 4 reasons why they refusal her application. The immigration is not satified with:
    1. Based on the purpose of the visit.
    2 . Based on the limited employment prospect in your country of residence.
    3. Based on your current employment status.
    4. You had provided insuficient third party proofs of the following:
    4.1 your employment such as - SSS employment history record.
    4.2 explanation of your employer sudden need fir a caregiver for thier 14y/o son.

    I want my sister in law to reapply but what do I need to do or answers if I want to respond all those 4 reasons of her refusal. Please help! Anything suggestions? Thank you!
  2. She needs to find a new employer. It makes absolutely no sense to suddenly bring a caregiver to Canada to take care of a 14 year old. This makes is very obvious that your primary purpose for bringing her here is for her to get PR. I don't see any point in reapplying until she has a new employment offer with a different family.
  3. Hi,

    have you attempted in applying for GCMS notes to get a better sense as to the reason why the officer denied the application.
    These re general points but, you want to understand the rationale behind his/her decision.

    From my understanding:
    1. based on the purpose of your visit- they may believe that the reason for her visit is not legitimate. What documentation , proof did you provide?
    3. is her current employment status relevant ti the role that she is applying for? what evidence have you provided?

    You had provided insufficient third party proofs of the following:
    4.1 your employment such as - SSS employment history record.- It would be good to add, provide relevant experience.
    4.2 explanation of your employer sudden need fir a caregiver for their 14y/o son.- What needs does you son have that may justify he requires childcare? perhaps, a learning disability etc.


  4. .
    I agree.
  5. The purpose of the visit is to work with me as my son's caregiver and do some housekeeping. I have a LMIA positive. I made a letter to support her application why I need her. And she just finished her contract in Taiwan as a caregiver last November.
    I dont understand why the immigration officer are so strict. Do they not know that untill 17 years of age of a child can get a babysitter regardless if the child has a health condition or not.
    I suddenly get a caregiver because my family just came here 5 years ago. My husband need a stable full time job before we can afford to get because they need the last 3 years of tax assessment.
  6. Have worked as a caregiver for the last 15 year's . In avery busy hospital the management exchanged hands. I love my job as a caregiver, I love the people I serve by making sure that they are comfortable and happy. If given an opportunity to work I can perform. Ready to learn new skills, I love team work.
  7. A 17 year old definitely doesn't need a babysitter. In Canada, those who are 13 and 14 are often paid to babysit smaller children.

    I understand that you want your sister here. But you really have to look at this from IRCC's perspective. It simply doesn't make sense to be bringing a caregiver to Canada to take care of a 14 year old.

    The best option is for your sister to find a job with another family that has a young child - and then to reapply.

  8. I agree as much as we all wish to bring our family members. There are laws and policies in place. When filing an application one must consider how IRCC will analyze the application. As they mentioned a 14 year old, is old enough to not require a baby sitter unless, they have some sort of disability that impedes them from being left alone. Best of luck to you!
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  9. The LMIA-based application is now closed. She must apply through the new program.
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