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Care giver application - Need help/advice

Discussion in 'Caregiver Pathways' started by ushbosh, Jun 20, 2019.

  1. My mom hired an immigration consultant to find an employer for my cousin from Philippines to work here in Canada as a caregiver. The application started oct. 2017 and until now the agency lady keeps saying we are waiting for the LMIA as of June 2019. She’s been saying that since we went to see her last June 2018. I read online that LMIA takes about 2 or 3 months.

    This lady barely replies to my mom or cousin for updates. We don’t know if there’s really an employer too because the last meeting we had, she said she would be taking care of kids. Then my mom saw her and she said she would be taking care of an old man. She seems to always have an excuse once she does reply or contact my mom; things like she wasn’t hospitalized with a heart problem, she was out of the country for business. then she said she was going to meet an agency she can trust in the Philippines because of issues with the new immigration laws in April/May this year then when my mom asked for an update again in May she said she was in the Philippines for a family emergency.

    It’s been 2 years and until now there’s no progress in her application. We don’t know whether or not this whole application is real or if she’s just after the money.

    What else can we do? We spent a lot of money and it seems to be going to waste..How else could we get my cousin here as a caregiver, is there an easier way for us to find an employer rather than going to hire an agency to find one ? Thank you in advance
  2. It was true that LMIAs for caregivers only took 2-3 months. I am working as a case processor in an immigration law firm here in Canada and LMIAs doesn’t take too long.

    The way I see it.. they were unable to find an employer who is willing to sponsor your cousin.

    The new program is tougher go get in to because there is a yearly cap of 2,750 applications for nannies and another 2,750 for those caring for people with medical needs. But the good news is, you no longer need an LMIA for the new program.. you still need an employer though who will provide a job offer.

    So, if you or you can find someone with a child who is willing to give your cousin a job offer, that should be enough. But then again, you have to be quick because there is a cap this time.

    Have you considered other immigration programs? There are so many... your cousin my qualify to some of them.
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  3. Hi, which other immigration program are you referring to?
  4. Do you know of anyone under the new pilot who's had their application processed? Like if they received AOR already or some sort of progress?
  5. Hi Dear

    do you mean that there is a limit to apply for caregiver work permits ? isn't it the limit of permanent visas issued to caregivers every year.?

    I think this 2750 limit is for PR places every year not the work permits for care givers.
  6. With the new pilot, there is a limit since each application is for both work permit and PR.. so it's 2750 for home child care provider and 2750 for home support worker.. total of 5500 applications per year..
  7. Thanks for your reply

    That's not right this limit only applies on permanent visas applied for caregiver category , there is not limit on work permits i just had look on CIC website. Anyways do you have any idea about processing times from India?
  8. I am talking about the new pilot. I think you're talking about the old caregiver programs where there's no limit with work permit applications.

    In the new program, you apply for both work permit and PR at the same time.. go over the minister's announcements the NEW pilot..
  9. Hi mam @Willow05 mam ask ko lang po sana, if ngkavisa napo dati sa canada mas may chance po ba na maaprove ang visa on the second time kc my uci no napo?
  10. I think this prettily good.
    I have my certificate as a caregiver, but the issue is who to help me for job as a caregiver. I am a Nigerian, live in Nigeria. Please your advice or help is needed. Thanks.
  11. I thought the new program starts in October when the old one expires. Have they started taking applications for the new pilot?
  12. Yes. June 18 2019.. they announced on June 15 2019
  13. Do you know if someone can still apply by October and meet the 2750 quota?
  14. I cannot say. We won't know when the quota is gonna get filled..
  15. do you have idea about the processing time for the new child care pilot program? from India

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