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Car loan transfer of my wife from US to me I live in Canada


Dec 2, 2019

I am a permanent resident in Canada and my wife will be moving to Canada soon. Her car is under finance and I am wondering is it possible to move a financed car. From the forums I see it is possible if my wife gets a letter from a Canadian bank approving a loan, which has to be submitted to US bank, but as a new immigrant she getting a loan is very unlikely.

Is it possible if I get a car loan here in Canada and submit that to US bank and transfer my wife car under my name?


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Apr 7, 2015
It will be a complicated process. (Most likely impossible, but you can try) Canadian bank will need to see a Canadian title and registration in order to finance the loan. In order to get a Canadian title, you will first have to import the car into Canada. For importing you need a US title in hand, which means the loan will have to be paid off. Having the titles/loans in different people's names (you/spouse) will complicate this further.