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Canadian Student Visa from Pakistan

Discussion in 'International Students' started by Ralo, May 9, 2008.

  1. Hello all,

    I got confirmation for a Post-graduate diploma course in Canadian college, I am intending to go for MBA after that course. I have 4 years bachelor degree (BS in software development) and have 3 years of technical experience(software development). I have applied for Spet'2008.

    The question is how much time would Canadian embassy takes for the process of student visa from Pakistan. How to convince the visa officer that I am a genuine student and will come back to Pakistan.

    Thanks & warm regards,
    Rahil Ali
  2. Hi

    With no problems/interview and a complete application 4 weeks, don't forget you will require a medical as well.

  3. How to convince the visa officer that I am a genuine student and will come back to Pakistan--
    Show that you have enough bondings to return to Pakistan. You can do this by describing on a notarized paper mentioning your or your parents' wealth statement, you can also put some lines in it that you definitely want to come back and serve your country. Your country needs you after you have a north American degree and experience. If your parents are old mention that you have to come back to be with your family.

    Hope this helps and good luck.

  4. hi Rahil,,
    do one have to pay the tuition fee before visa or after visa for canadian study permit

  5. it depends on the college, some colleges send acceptance letter after paying some deposit and some send after getting full tuition deposit........so check the college policies for tuition deposit
  6. thx 4 ur reply but i think that canadian high commission requires the half of the tuition fee to be paid advance am i right?
  7. canada high commission only needsthe original accpetane letter from the college ....check the policy of the college, are they gona send you official acceptance letter on the behalf of half tuition fee or not
  8. HELLO FRIENDS! Once I was also a candidate for Study Permit from Pakistan. This forum has really helped me to prepare my application and update my knowledge. So I thought to share my experience, which may help someone to take appropriate decision.

    My Profile:
    BBA & MBA from Pakistan (average grades around 75%)
    3.5 yrs job experience at a commercial bank
    with no gap between my studies & job

    Course & Institution:
    George Brown College, Toronto (Intake JAN 2013)
    1-year Post Graduate Certificate in Human Resource Management (with co-op)

    Account Maintenance/Balance Certificate from Bank
    I have showed my personal bank statement of 6-months of CAD$ 30,000 = PKR 3.000 Million (nothing else like property documents or certificate of deposit or sponsorship letter)
    TIP: Minimum bank statement must be equivalent to your FULL FEES + 1-YR LIVING EXPENSEs ($12,000) + $2000 (OTHERS/RETURN TICKET)

    Study Permit/Visa Application:
    My classes were from 07-JAN 2013 so I filed my application on 15 September 2012
    Got Medical Call on 24 October 2012
    Medical Done/Passport resend to Embassy on 01 November 2012
    Visa/Passport received on 18 December 2012
    16 months visa has been issued

    Documents Submitted:
    SOP (Statement of Purpose defining your background, experience & goals) not officially required by embassy (Optional document)
    Original + Attested copy, All educational documents (certificate + transcript)
    Original + Attested copy, Proof of current and previous employment (Preferably with Job Description/Reporting Line on letter head)
    Original + Attested copy, Police Certificate
    Original + Attested copy, Letter of Acceptance from College (Un-Conditional)
    Proof of Fees Payment (Invoice + Draft Copy)
    Original + Attested copy, IELTS Certificate

    Be confident if your case is genuine you will definitely get the visa, don’t try to do any manipulation in any documents, must keep three months time for visa and make strong financials docs. Some people think if they are applying in Ontario may not get visa due to huge population of Immigrants in the province or applying to college as compare to university have rare chance of visa, but that’s not the fact.

    Text Books Cost $500-700 depending on your course, you will be lucky to find used text books at half price from previous students or online classifieds
    You must have at least 4-5months living expenses (Around $4000)
    Not officially allowed to work part-time for initial six months (Except On-Campus which is very rare)
    You can get on-cash job (un-official) through personal references only at with low wage rate
    Don’t expect to make good amount of money (specially to support your tuition fees) in initial six months all depends on your luck
    In first month you will definitely have some extra expenses because you are new there and don’t have anything from grocery, snow shoes, blanket/mattress, etc be prepared for it
    Single room rent in a shared accommodation is from $350-$600
    Must pay at least 1month advance rent and 1month deposit to get accommodation
    Monthly Travelling Cost $130-150, Meals $200-300, Min.Mobile Charges $25-30, Other Exp. $50-100
    Don’t spend too much money for buying winter clothes from Pakistan, because you must buy them from Canada to match the weather conditions.

  9. Dear fellow applicants.

    i am applying for canadian study permit. i am taking my wife and a kid with me. can some body tell me that what is the purpose of my wife or my kids visit. e.g. there is a question in temporary residence visa application about the purpose of visit to canada. they are just accompanying me to canada, they will stay there with me.
    there are options like Business, Tourism, Short term studies, Returning Students, Returning worke, Supervisa, Family Visit, and Other.

    i think my family case falls in other, and i will mention that they are just accompanying me.
    kindly reply thanks

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