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Canadian Skilled Worker Visa 2014/2015

Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by dawnie84, Feb 24, 2014.

  1. Hi all, I'm wondering can anyone shed any light on the Federal Skilled Worker Programme for 2014/2015. I know that it is changing to the EOI system in 2015. Does anyone know if the Programme will open again in May/ June 2014? My cap filled last year before I could apply. Also, can anyone advise if the categories will remain the same or is it likely they may change? One final thing, can you travel to Canada once the application has been accepted, or do you have to wait until the whole thing has been approved? Thanks a mill, anyone who can advise, much appreciated.
  2. No - no one knows for certain what is going to happen. However most people believe that CIC is going to hold off reopening the program until 2015.

    Impossible to say which occupations may be on the list if the program is in fact reopened in 2014.

    You can travel to Canada as a visitor while the application is being processed. You need to wait for the PR visa to move permanently.
  3. thanks for the reply, I figured as much!

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