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Discussion in 'Visitors' started by SINGH26, Jun 10, 2018.

  1. HI
    Can i apply visitor visa under can+ progaramme from INDIA

    a) i have valid USA visa (b1/b2) & (c1d) , not travelled to US
    b) have not tavelled to CANADA before.
  2. Yes, you can.

    Do include a color scan of the US visas in your TRV application if you apply online. Else, request the VFS staff to mark your application for CAN+ processing
  3. Thanks bryanna ..
    1 more query: I am in MEXICO now due to my job ( merchant navy) , will b going to INDIA from here but i am planning to get an air ticket via NEW YORK so that i can spend a week with my cousin & then fly back to INDIA, is it going to affect my visitor visa application for CANADA as iam plannig to visit canada just after a month of new york trip.

    confusion is about two vaccation trips in quick succssion .
  4. No effect at all. Good to see you leave the US after a short trip.

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