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can we apply visitor visa again once rejected

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by rajeshkande2146, Oct 7, 2018.

  1. Hi

    plz suggest me

    i applied visa on sep 17th and with in two weeks they refused my visa saying stupid reasons like travel histroy etc but i have travel history like i went to ireland and worked in southafrica
    , can i reapply again ...pleasse suugest me what can i do and what steps need to be taken
  2. Travel history is a generic reason. Working in South Africa does not count. Specifically, they are looking for short *multiple* tourist visits to visa-required countries like the US, UK, Australia, etc. Seems like you also only made one trip to Ireland, so that's barely any history either.

    What is the rest of your profile?
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  3. Hi

    2006 to 2008 Feb i am student in ireland and then i came back to india , again august i went to southafrica on workpermit i worked for 18 months and then 2010 november came back to india . From 2010 to 2014 i was in india working . 2014 again went to southafrica and came back 2017 Jan . Now i am a permanent employee in one of the MNC companies .

    Please suggest can I apply tourist visa or I have one friend in canada who is having PR can he invite me ? Will it work ? Please suggest me can i apply immediately or shall i wait ?

  4. If it's not too urgent, I suggest you wait a bit. Have your friend also order the GCMS notes on your behalf to know the officer's reasons for rejecting you, and then you can address them in your next application.
  5. well it won't count as a travel history as you never visit as a visitor that is why your case was weaken and they refused on travel history grounds which looks genuine you better work on your travel history like @bellaluna said before applying visa again, either they will refuse it again Good Luck
  6. Friends,

    I am planning to apply TRV for my in-laws after first time rejection in July-2018. I am looking for some suggestions to show strong ties for them in India.
    1) Actually my father in law did by-pass surgery 8 months back and he has an follow up appointment with the doctor early January-2019. What type of documents is required for this and will this be considered as a strong tie to go back to the country?
    2) My mother in-law's mom is alive and she is old age but she is living in another home very close to my in-laws and my mother in-law visits her almost everyday to provide her food and take care of her medical needs. So what documents I need to submit for these? Will this be considered as a strong family tie. Please advise.

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