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Can we apply for Student visa & EE at the same time? Please help. Confused


May 10, 2019
Just to add to this thread, fkl's advice was spot on. I applied for a student visa, whilst in the EE pool. I was honest and upfront about being in the EE pool. My student visa was approved in 1 week with no need for further information. Anyone using a lawyer that has advised withdrawing an EE profile on the basis that it reduces the chances of getting a student visa should probably look for a new lawyer.
Hi Seoul train,

Your post is logical and convincing. I have a specific query.....I got an admission from a B-School and I want to join the school this fall.....before getting admit.....I had already applied for express entry visa.....Since, express entry duration are unpredictable, I am applying for student visa .....can I use the same medical examination report for student visa processing which I used for express entry processing?


May 12, 2019
. I have applied for student Visa, the decision is pending. I would like to apply for PR under Express entry. I have not mentioned in my SOP about my intentions of applying for PR. Can I apply for the PR? Will it effect the decision for student Visa? Please please reply


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Jan 29, 2013
Thanks Mthornt for your reply. But would it not be difficult for him to show strong ties to his country considering that his immediate family has expressed an intention to immigrate by being in the ee pool.
Hi did your PR application had any effect on your son student visa. We are in the same boat so please advise


May 27, 2018
. I have applied for student Visa, the decision is pending. I would like to apply for PR under Express entry. I have not mentioned in my SOP about my intentions of applying for PR. Can I apply for the PR? Will it effect the decision for student Visa? Please please reply
From experience, I would say don't apply for both at the same time. I understand "dual intent" is allowed by the IRCC, but it did affect my student visa application indirectly until I pulled out of the EE and then I got the student visa. Hope this helps.


Mar 3, 2020
My study permit to Canada was denied, can apply for Express Entry or PNP programs.Please I need answers.I want to write IELTS.


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Sep 5, 2013

I am asking this question for my cousin.

He has got admission for a PG Diploma course in Canada and is also eligible for FSW. He is planning to apply for Student visa next week.At the same time can he apply for Express entry or is it better to apply for Student visa first and then after reaching Canada can he apply Express Entry.

Experts,what will be the impact. Can you please give your thoughts on it.

I have the same qiery about PNP and SP. See you can apply for both, but inSP you have to mention that you have applied for PR as well and if during your studies PR is refused, you wil continue to follow the laws of SP, which is, study and go back (and show ties with the home country). You can definitely apply for WP after SP but the core principle of SP has nothing to do with the core principle of EE. EE is for immigration , doesnot matter where u r. Working, studying, etc etc. SP is for study and return. So you can do PNP, SP, EE, MARRIAGE everything at once, but you hve to follow core principle of each application. Lets say you applied fpr spousal visa for exmaple for open work permit and you also have EE in the pool, that is also fine. I would say connect with Mark Holthe Immigration on youtube and get facts. You will get random views here just like everyone else includign me. I am right on the core rpinciple part. SP core principle is to study and hsow proof of return, has nothing todo wwith EE.


Mar 19, 2021
There is something existent called "dual intent" as per CIC's official guideline. Most people thinking you cannot apply for both (temp residence like work / study permit as well as PR) are plain wrong and should research dual intent.

In simple words, CIC does not care whether you permanently live in Canada or not eventually. When applying for study permit, they just want to evaluate that IF YOU DO NOT GET PERMANENT status eventually, ARE YOU LIKELY TO OVERSTAY ILLEGALLY OR NOT. This can be shown by strong ties to home country (not just owning property / business is the only way, which most people do not have) but rather having a established life / job with a respectable income in the same profession is a good and most common factor.

That being said, when you apply for study permit, having a PR application in process or not, you would be evaluated at the same grounds as another person with only study permit application. I believe i have read this formally several times in CIC's official description and should show up when you google DUAL INTENT.

UPADTE: So in summary if there was any confusion - there is no harm in applying for both study permit and PR at the same time, period.
Thanks for sharing. I'm currently waiting for my PR (CEC), and about to apply for SP in order to register for university.

Do I have to update anything in my PR application? Any legitimate resources / guides would be helpful.


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Sep 6, 2018
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Hi, I have an ongoing Express Entry PNP Outland application. I was supposed to apply for student visa last 2019 but the provincial nomination came in first but with the pandemic, our application has been stucked for more than a year already. I am planning now to apply for student visa in the the same province where I received nomination. Will applying for a student visa impact our pr application? And in the event that my student visa got approved and soon after, my pr application got approved too, can I go to Canada holding 2 visas (PR and Student) on my passport?