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CAN MY WIFE GET THE STUDENT VISA UNDER (STUDENT DIRECT SYSTEM) SDS. What is the procedure? can any one help me out? we are living in UAE currently


Jun 11, 2018
Hello everyone,

I would like to know about the below points.
How to get the Student visa for Canada?

I (34 Years) and my wife (28 Years) with a kid (1 Year) are living in UAE and would like to move to Canada. we all are Pakistan Nationals.

Can anyone help me out how we can get there.

I have done ACCA(July 2018) 7 Years UAE Work experience and my wife did Graduate BS Economics from International Islamic University (Pakistan) Aug 2018 currently a house wife.

I have heard about the Student direct system SDS for Pakistani Nationals.

Can anyone let us know how we can process and we all three ( I, my wife and child) can be there)


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Apr 5, 2020
You have to be living in Pakistan to apply through SDS stream so she applies through regular path. So your wife needs to find a school, get accepted and apply for a study permit. You and your child can be included in he application but you may be rejected. Also your wife needs to show career progression and how it will help her career in Pakistan. You need to show strong ties in your country. Because you don’t live in your home country, you have a higher possibility of rejection.