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Can I withdraw my passport without cancelling my TRV application.

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Uj_ft, Aug 10, 2018.

  1. Hi all !
    We applied for Canadian TRV on 25th jul 2018.
    The status currently shows that " being processed at Banglore".

    The problem is we have to travel on 24th Aug to resume office (in KSA) that cannot be postponed under any circumstances.
    Can I request for my passports back and not affect the application being processed?
    Has any one done that and still received a visitor Visa?
    We are quite worried .

    Pls advice us on our next step. @Bryanna
    Thanks !

  2. Yes, you can. You must specifically mention you're not cancelling/ withdrawing your TRV applications.

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  3. Pls advise if this letter of request is appropriate for the above mentioned.

    We had applied for a Canadian TRV dated on 25th JUL'18 with the following tracking IDS:
    Due to our work visa in our country of residence moving close to expiry & departure date soon approaching (itinerary attached) ,we would like to kindly request the high commission to release our passports immediately.

    Please note that we DO NOT wish to cancel our TRV application which is under process and would re-submit the passport to the VFS after our travel.
    Please consider this as extremely urgent.
    Thanking you in anticipation.
  4. Perfect.

    Unbold the text please. It's like saying "Hey you're blind' LOL
  5. Lol sure :)
    Thanks a bunch bryanna.

    Will update the thread soon !
  6. Hi,

    I have a similar issue and wish to get back my passport for a forthcoming travel abroad (not through Canada). Can you please let me know where I can mail this request?

  7. Hi
    U have to mail ur request to the visa offcie processing ur application(if that is the status ur tracking I'd shows)
    U could personally drop the request for withdrawal at the vfs centre where u submitted ur application earlier.
  8. Hey @Bryanna I did email the above letter to the baglr-immigration@international.gc.ca.
    There was no acknowledgement from their side at all .
    There's just one week left for me to travel ....
    Any suggestions?
  9. @Bryanna will it be of help if I called the Banglore office on the number given On the site ?
  10. When did you email them?
  11. Do they have a number that you can call?

    Regardless, your call won't be forwarded to anyone that can give you an answer. Only another email marked as Urgent could work
  12. On 14 itself.
    I sent a check as well ....
  13. Yes they have a number which I tried calling today but it's closed as it is Indian Independence day.
    Only if they could acknowledge the urgent mails ....
    I'm too anxious:(
  14. I mean cse
  15. That's yesterday :p

    Give them a day or two

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