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Can I bring a bonsai tree/saddles into Canada from South Africa?


Mar 4, 2009
Durban, South Africa
We are leaving behind most of our big stuff but we are planning to ship most of our personal belongings (not furniture)...

All seems cool except....

1. We have a bonsai tree we got for our wedding. Its not that I believe the fable that if the tree dies, so will our marriage :) but I really would love to keep it. Is it possible to import if we air frieght it / get it inspected / fumigated / whatever it requires? It really is sentimental to me.

2. I have saddles, bridles, other horse gear which I intend to bring back. Other than cleaning it thoroughly, are there any requirements for this? I have had a few VERY dissapproving stares from international removals agents when I tell them I intend to bring the stuff in. One even said I needed to get in packed in a sealed crate and the crate fumigated by a specialist within a few days of departure with specialist paperwork etc. Really? I mean, we our bringing our cat and there is virtually nothign we need to do - give him a rabies shot beforehand and bring proof, and we don't have proof they vaccinate him on landing and charge us for it. Easy. So could saddles really be so difficult if a live animal can virtually waltz in???

Anybody know?


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Jun 13, 2008
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The Canadian food agency plant section is here: http://www.inspection.gc.ca/english/plaveg/plavege.shtml

If you don't find the info you are looking for you can call them. They are very helpful.


Good day Marabsky Did you found the way to bring the Bonsai? I'm in USA and have 10 trees so far and I don;t know if they will stay or not, thank you for your info.