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can anyone help me???

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by chkamran786, Oct 12, 2018.

  1. hello all

    iam kamran from pakistan..iam doing job in Govt. Department as Accounts Officer since last 10 years.my salary is 137000. pkr ..i travel KSA for 15 days..i am married and have 2 kids..my bank statement is 8000 CAD..and i maintained my statement as daily 7,8 transanction of debit from last six month..my salary credit in my account every month..please help me can i apply for TRV.please all friends ansee and Brayana..thanks
  2. 1. What is the reason for your visit and for how many days?

    2. Do you have a Canadian host? If yes, how is the person related to you?

    3. Do you own property or land?

    4. Will your family apply for visas with you?
  3. no.i
  4. no.i am the one who apply..
  5. no.i am the one who apply..
  6. 1.for sightsee plesuring and 12 days only
    2.No.i have no host.
    3.yes i have property
    4.no.i am the one who applying..
  7. baryana please answer
  8. No idea why some guys are encouraging you to apply when your chances of a TRV approval are slim to none:

    Incidentally, what is your real situation? The details you posted on the other thread are vastly different from the facts you have posted on this thread
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  9. this is my brother profile..he also want to apply from pakistan
  10. please give sugestions
  11. bryana give sugestion also for my brother with this profil..
  12. bryanna please tell me can my brither have chances of TRV..kindly answer early thanks in advance..
  13. i ask for my brother
  14. thanks dear
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  15. It is regrettable that some people have no qualms in giving bad advice to others just for a laugh. Not sure why you would accept the advice of someone who has zero knowledge about visas. Visas are a serious matter.

    IMO, your brother must not apply for a TRV until his personal and professional situation changes. He does not have any purpose of visit + no strong ties to Pakistan, etc etc.

    If your brother still wants to believe the frivolous advice posted here by others then go ahead and apply
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  16. okay thanks bryanna..what type of ties he need..he has good Govt. job..with very good salary.in pakistan he have wife and 2 kids..and old age parents who dependend on him totaly..50000 CAD property he own..what other ties he need to show kindly explain?????

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