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can a friend from canada sponsor for me?

Discussion in 'International Students' started by riffaz, Dec 19, 2013.

  1. Hi Pals,

    I am from Sri Lanka.
    I have a friend in Canada.

    He is a Canadian citizen now.
    He got his citizen ship 5 years ago.

    Can he sponsor for me to get a student visa?
  2. what do you mean by sponsor?
    If you are relating it with the benefit you might get due to your friend in Canada then you are day dreaming.No,It does not help anything.
    If it would then trust me millions of people have a friend,relative or someone who is living there who would have jumped off to canada right away :D

    If you meant that the money will be provided by him then He/She can do it but still you will have NO BENEFIT in getting visa or whataever.
    Hope that helped. :)
  3. I think there is no harm in sponsoring but Its a drawback to show any links with persons in Canada. This will show that you are following your friends step in order to get citizenship. Apply on your own.
    You really need to justify visa officer that why a friend is sponsoring you...
  4. wooooh.. thanx guys...

    that's worse. :'(

    if I ask any agencies they can arrange sponsorship.
    but the amount that I should pay for them is too high here..
  5. Arrange sponsorship? That's weird to me.
  6. weird? that means "Declaration of financial support" la..
  7. so if I don't have enough bank balance for showing in "Declaration of financial support" what can can I do?
    How other people overcoming this problem while their family also does not have enough bank balance?
  8. lend it from someone who trusts you for a month or two till your visa arrives.It totally depends upon the norms of your country.
    here in Pakistan,People normally lend money from their trustable relatives or friends or normally they are sponsored by their parents.sometimes people use bank to transfer amount in their account for some days if they provide a sort of bank security.
    Never did it myself so I am not sure about the procedure in Srilanka. :)
  9. hi guyz..

    please share...what if some one is financially sponsered by his/her father in law? is there any possibility to show bank statement of father in law??

    please help me into this..

    suggestions will be highly appriciable

    thanks in advance
  10. Thanks for that info.
    I'll try to follow a way similar you explained above.
    Some friends from here done the same before. (Y)
  11. Omi, I would not advise you to do that.Parents are the best and most secure choice to act as sponsor.It would be better if you transfer the amount from your father in law account to yours or your parent's account.Only show your parents as your sponsor.
  12. thanks rao for the suggestion..i will definitely show my parents as sponsor..
  13. If anyone have already a family member like brother or sister already there, as PR..what should be done?? what are the chances for visa? is it possible to skip that member in family information form to be a safe side.

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