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Call today from Embassy!

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by jenny23, Feb 22, 2008.

  1. I just wanna thank everyone for all their help. My husband got a call today from the embassy telling him to get his visa next friday! Again thank you for all your help and goodluck to all of you.
  2. Jenny congratulations.
  3. Congratulations.......... I wish this for myself too..
  4. Warm congratulations and welcome to Canada
  5. Hey there.. Thank you all so much. I just have a quick question. The embassy told my husband to get his passport stamped next Friday morning. We wanted to go and buy our tickets this Monday for next weekend. Would there be any reason why that wouldn't be a good idea. I am not sure if the embassy will want anything else or if it will be a done deal that day. If anyone knos it would be appriciated. Thanks again!
  6. jenny I am so happy for you! Congratulations and wish you two all the best.
  7. I wouldn't buy plane tickets until I have the stamped visa in my hand. You never know. Especially when you are dealing with the government. Hey???

    Good luck / Good life!!
  8. Congratulations ..... so happy for you .. i hade been monetring your issue all time long .. again Congratulations .. something I want to mention in here that as far as I know , that your husband can not purchase the tiket , I mean any airline office will not issue him tiket unless they see the visa with him .. that what I know , for many cases i heared in the past that they want to see the visa befor selling him out the tiket that was agreement between Canadain airports anf all airlines offices .. I might be wrong but that what i know .. keep happy to rest of your life . ..
  9. Congratulations Jenny. You can go ahead and buy the airticket thouou gh i would prefee to have the visa and make plans. If its a must you have to buy one, get one that is changeable which certainly would be at a fee or a refundable ticket rather than a non refundable. Hope to see you in canada.
    Good journey
  10. Thank you all so much and i wish the best for all of you. We are going to go and talk to the travel agency tomorrow and see what they have to say. The reason we want them so fast is bc there is a plane leaving on saturday night that is the perfect time for us to leave and arrive in canada. I am scared if we wait until friday evening to buy it there might not be any tickets left. I will see what the agency says and i might give the embassy a call as well. Thank you all so much and goodluck to everyone.
  11. Hello Jenny23, Lots of congrats, I am also sponsoring my husband (Damascus Visa Office).
    May I ask you to post your timeline in this:
    thanks again... you'll be giving hope :)

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