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Buying a property in Canada

Discussion in 'Housing' started by sho78, May 29, 2013.

  1. Yeah I agree with Steaky, you should must talk to your bank, it is possible that the information you provided would be revealed to third parties.
  2. I have been living this country since 2011, and i just landing my PR. i would like to find a small house around 250 k or 300k in vaughan or stouvffile or north a bit close to markham.
    and want to know how much downpayment anyone can guede me

    thank so much

  3. Just saw in the papers that you can now actually buy a home in Toronto while you are living overseas. Concord Apex is currently holding an exhibition on selling its newest Toronto downtown residential development "Forward" in Hong Kong Excelsior Hotel. Prices starting from HK$2.2 million.
  4. You could do that.... if this was 1995

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