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Business License woes!

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by simonw, Jul 9, 2019.

  1. Hi all,

    I am entering the program through Express Entry. I work in the software industry and am applying for BC PNP Tech Pilot in August.

    This is a bit of an edge case, but maybe someone can shed some light.

    My company has not got a Business License for the main office (Everything else is good. We're a publicly traded company and have a certificate of incorporation etc). We moved in to an office in Vancouver last year and they just never renewed the business license.

    I managed to get my boss to apply, but an inspection report came back and we need to get a lot of work done to the office space before they will issue the license. THIS WILL NOT BE DONE IN TIME. I have to start the application in August.

    So, without the license I fear I will not be able to apply.

    If we were to register a co-working space, (which would get approved immediately) we can get a Business License for it. If I worked out of this space, would that be enough and does it have to tie in with the address on my contract etc?

    If we don't do this, how flexible is the nomination program on this subject. IE what if I supply proof of pending license?

    I am worried that this weird scenario is going to cost me a chance at residency :(

    Many Thanks!
  2. Bump! Anybody know how strict they are for the company business license?
  3. The requirements for the BC PNP Tech Pilot don't mention the Business License anywhere. I think you should be fine, but your employer can email them and ask.

    If you are an employer in B.C.’s technology sector and have more questions, please contact the BC PNP concierge: PNPTechEmployers@gov.bc.ca
  4. Ugh! That would be helpful. My Immigration Consultant (who was less than helpful on the matter) has repeatedly told me I need it. I've even gone and put the company in a difficult (and expensive) position in acquiring one. That would be very helpful if it is not necessary.

    That said, I'll get on a second office location and make sure they get a license anyway while the first one is pending. Just in case I do need it.
  5. I'm not sure, I just read the docs online. You should definitely email them to be certain.
  6. In response to this. I found a consultant who confirms the Business License IS essential, however applicants are assessed on a case by case basis and if they have a valid reason and confirmation why one does not exist. They MIGHT be able to waive the document. In my case I have a license for a second location. By working there I am able to provide the license for this space instead, although I will still need to provide the valid documents of confirmation for lack-thereof, when or if asked about the business head quarters.

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