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Business Family Immigration


Sep 3, 2019
Hi, I need some advise. We, as a family, got our immigration in Nov 2014 and got our PRC through investor program. We stayed for a month and then left for our preparation back to our country. In 3rd quarter of 2015, my dad bought a house for us to reside in Canada. After 2 months, he got admitted for cancer. He passed away in 2 months. Everything stalled for us and we couldn't travel back to Canada and our concentration has been more towards the family business which was struggling. We are selling our estate as our mortgage is ending in beginning of 2020. The PRC for the family is expiring end of this year. Technically, we didn't stay for 2 months even for the min 3 years required period. Is there is any chance for us to renew our PRC. If there is a chance, what should I do. We also plan to move in by the beginning of 2022.


VIP Member
Mar 22, 2016
In order to travel back to Canada you would need to apply for PRTDs once your PR cards have expired. The fact that you have not met the residency obligation would mean the moment you submit an application for PRTDs it is likely that your PR status would be revoked especially as you only stayed less than 2 months in last 5 years.

You cannot by the way renew PR cards from outside Canada even if you had met the residency obligation.

Overall and others can comment as well the odds of you keeping your PR status seem very slim and even slimmer if you wait until 2022 to try returning.

There might have been a remote chance of returning this year whilst your PR cards were still valid although having only spent 2 months in the country chances of being reported at the border leading to PR being revoked would also be high.

Seems your only option may well be to renounce your PR status and apply from scratch again but that is only my view so might be worth consulting a professional .