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Business Class - self Employed (Cannot check application status online)

Alan Rocker

Full Member
Jun 20, 2015
Hi All,

My brother submitted his application under business class self-employed back in June 2008 from Pakistan and CIC requested all the additional paperwork last year June (2014) and we sent it, we have not heard back since then, plus we are unable to check our application status online....

and also does anyone know what would be the next step? and how long would it be before CIC gets back to us for medical...etc

To add more he is in care of a rep, would that have anything to do with us not being able to check application status online?



Aug 3, 2013
Hi Alan, I submitted under the same class in June 2011 also using a rep (immigration lawyer based in Vancouver). CIC finally contacted me November last year asking for full application to be submitted (police certificates etc) I did this and this month they have started assessing my case and asking for further documents relating to my work experience etc. However, I too can find nothing about my status online.