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Budget of $250,000

Discussion in 'Housing' started by odin2404, Feb 4, 2011.

  1. Which is actually good for a new comer in terms of buying property. You could get a steal on a repo home!
  2. Update:

    Prices in Mississauga ...

    Condos can be upwards from 250k
    Town homes Upwards from 250k
    Houses (detached) from 300k

    Should you provide 30% down payment for something youre buying, securing a loan is "relatively" easy.

  3. These are not informative links. I agree that renting in most cases is better than buying, but greaterfool and other sites have been predicting a meltdown for years and it just isn't happening, so who is the fool?

    These are the facts:

    I bought a small one bedroom in upscale building on Queens Quay last year for $230,000.

    I had to put $80,000 down which included closing costs.

    My monthly mortgage is $650 + 350 in condo fees plus around $100 a month in Taxes. Toal cost $1100 a month. Inlcudes everything.

    The similar place to rent would cost me around $1300 a month if I am lucky.

    Interest rates might go up, that is a real danger..... but I can guarantee you that rent will not get any lower. This is Toronto.
  4. You can buy a studio in Toronto and small house around North of Toronto.

    I am a real estate agent,let me know if you need any assistance.

    1 647 701 27 41

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