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British Transit Visa

Discussion in 'Permanent Residency Obligations' started by Bethel7, Nov 5, 2013.

  1. Hello Guys,
    Traveling to Africa by December 2013 via British Airways. And want to stop over (Transit) in London to shop for Christmas. Will spend about 24 hours before continuing my journey the next day to my final destination in Africa. My question is: As a Canadian Permanent Resident, do I need a Transit Visa to just spend 24 hours in London before continuing my journey the next day to my final destination in Africa?
    I know this forum is for Canadian Immigration and not British. But I believe some one out there will have answers to my question. Thanks for your prompt response as usual.
  2. http://www.ukba.homeoffice.gov.uk/visas-immigration/transitthroughtheuk/

    It's all there.
  3. If you hold a valid PR Card you should be ok. However the admission is on a 'concession' basis outside the UK's immigration rules. As such if the UKBA officer is not convinced you will 'leave' in the 24 hrs you will get bounced with best case scenario stay in the airport till your onward flight or return to Canada. I suggest carry some solid evidence of your employment in Canada such as employer letter, pay stubs and proof of funds. UKBA may hold on to your passport to make sure you show up for your onward flight. If you got PR via the refugee route or are a national of a 'high flight risk country' you will in addition to having your passport retained likely be fingerprinted at the border.

    If you don't want the hassle go via Amsterdam, Paris, Geneva/ Zurich or Rome. They are usually more 'transit' friendly than the London Airports (Heathrow/Gatwick/City) for those requiring a UK visa. Check if you can re-route with another oneworld alliance carrier.
  4. You do not need transit visa, if you are staying within airport for 24 hours. However, if you plan to go out of London airport, you need a transit visa.
  5. Actually the subject depends on the OPs citizenship and travel document held. Canadian PR Card holders that are UK Visitor Visa requiring nationals are given a 'concession' outside the immigration rules to transit the UK without having a 'transit visa'. This concession is subject to among other requirements for an onward departure within 24 hrs. You don't have to stay in the airport which is of great benefit since you can change airports or go shopping as the OP intends.

    The OPs initial threads on PR application appear to indicate he/she may be a Nigerian national and thus would normally require a transit visa in the DATV category which is even more restrictive than a regular transit visa. If this is the case he/she may be admitted under the above concession. However as a 'concession' actual admission depends on if the UKBA agent accepts he/she will be shopping in the 24 hrs allowed. The OP has to take into account time of arrival into the relevant London airport, travel time to the 'malls' and return to the airport. For example if he/she lands at 7 am on weekday at Gatwick then its a trek to Central London whereas if he/ she lands in Heathrow its easier. I'm sure UKBA will consider this when admitting the OP to see if his/her plan makes sense to them!
  6. Hello Guys,
    Thanks for all the responses. With the answers, I think I have to apply for transit visa to avoid any embarrassment.
    Thanks guys.
  7. If you take some proof of ties to Canada such as a pay stub you will be ok to transit.

    Getting a UK visa requires you to submit biometrics..depending on where you reside in Canada and appointments available this could take anywhere between 4-10 weeks. Add in actual visa processing time which as I recall is by the UKBA North America regional office in the US plus mailing time back and forth and you will be cutting it fine for getting a visa in time for Dec.

    If you qualify for a transit visa then the same documents will easily get you the concession admission. To ease your mind there is probably a UKBA liasion officer at the Canadian airport so any issues will be resolved before you even board!

    Safe journey and enjoy your shopping...afterall London is famous for that!!
  8. hello guys!

    hope everyone is doing good:)!
    i am a canadian permanent resident and i want to transit in London Heathrow in a week.
    i am going to the states for a business trip. i have every document to prove that i will be leaving London Heathrow in 3 hrs.
    i don't have time to apply for a transit visa. hopefully i won't need to check in my luggage again, but if i do have to do that, do i need a visa??

    thanks a lot!:))
  9. This may be a stupid question but if you are a Canadian PR, why are you transiting through the UK to get to the USA? If you do require a transit visa, you will have problems if you have to leave "airside" to check in again.
  10. I want to travel from Canada to Nigeria with an overnight stop over in heathrow airport. My PR card is not yet ready. Do i need a transit visa to pass through UK? or can i use my COPR in place of PR card?
  11. On the presumption you are a Nigerian national you would normally require the most stringent of transit visas which is the 'Direct Airside Transit Visa'. Those Nigerian nationals holding a valid PR Card or Canadian visa get a pass on the DATV and can be allowed to Transit Without a Visa (TWOV). Since your single entry immigrant visa was crossed/cancelled when you landed in Canada its my opinion that you don't hold a valid Canadian visa. Your COPR is not considered a visa. Getting a UK transit/visitor visa is quite the process - you have to get your biometrics taken and the visa is processed in the US so it will be several weeks. Try route via Amsterdam Schipol or some other European airport which has less stringent transit visa rules for Nigerian nationals.
  12. Hello guys,
    I am travelling from India to Canada in September I have a PR visa and I do not have a PR card yet. I have a layover in UK for 12 hours. Do I need to apply for a UK transit visa? Can my COPR work? I checked the UK visa site and they have mentioned that if you have a Canadian visa you don't need a UK transit visa. Requesting your help on this.
    Thank you!
  13. No you don't need a transit visa.
  14. Hi, I need help on understanding transit visa requirement.

    I am doing a soft landing in Canada and returning back to India in a week.

    My flight from Mumbai to Toronto is via London Heathrow (3.25 hrs layover) and Dublin (1 hour layover).
    For the Return Journey, it is Toronto to Mumbai via London Heathrow (again 3.25 Hours layover).

    Do i need transit visa for any leg of this journey. I am not leaving London/Dublin airports.

    As from the available information, it seems I won't need Transit Visa at London while going (exempt due to Valid Canada Visa), will i need one for Dublin while going and London (since i won't have PR Card by then). Please help.
  15. Thank you so much!

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