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British Columbia

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by Arsang, Jan 24, 2018.

  1. Hi everyone
    Does anyone can tell that if my noc is in occupation in demand list; do I have to still have a job offer or can I can apply? If I can apply then in which category ?
    Please help!!
  2. Where You are from and residing?
    Which way do you want to apply like BCPNP or EE?
    If BCPNP then job offer must
  3. Iam from India and I don't have a job offer but my noc is there in the occupation in demand list..How could I apply for British Columbia..Please guide me!!
  4. You can apply EE- BCPNP for this you need EE profile number then apply via BCPNP-EE
  5. Hi Can you please respond the below queries:

    1. Is it true that an employer can obtained Provincial Nomination for a candidate under non express entry
    2. If above is YES then what is the procedure?
    3. How much times does it take to get PNP nomination in this category??

  6. Hi,

    I am a working professional and have score overall 7 bands in IELTS. My CRS score is 352 (without my wife's score). My profession falls under NOC 0125, does this NOC fall under BC demand list?

    Do i even have chances to get BC PNP and for how long do i have to stay in that province under PNP program?

    Besides this, if my wife (dependent) is pregnant will that effect my application? If so, then after receiving ITA, do we get further time till the birth of baby? And once the baby is born, can we take him/er along with us?

    Looking forward for your advise.

    Thank you.
  7. Guys,

    As you all know that to apply for BCPNP express entry program, one needs to have a job offer. Can you please share your experience on how did you get a job offer from outside Canada?

    Please advice if you know any trusted agency who can help in getting the job offer from BC.

  8. Timeline:

    ITA 3/4/2018
    Applied 30/4/2018
    eAOR 30/4/2018
    In Progress 15/5/2018

    Additional Document request:
    Evidence of recruitment effort made within Canada from my Employer to be submitted before 29/05/18

    Since than no E-mail or request.

    I'm worried about my case and also don't know if my Employer has submitted the additional document request or not........ Telephonic-ally he said I've submitted but I don't have any proof for that.

    Please advice what to do

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