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Bridging Open Work Permit online application

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by guelphmm, Feb 5, 2013.

  1. Dear Members,
    has anyone applied BOWP online, please guide in this process?

    do we have to fill IMM5710 and then upload?

    Can we leave employers details blank for open work permit?

    do we have to upload digital photos? last time when applied for closed permit, all qustions were filled online, no IMM5710 and photo uploading.

    Kindly share your experience
  3. Once you start the application it will ask you a few questions to determine eligibility. After that you will be taken back to the application process and will be provided with a list of forms you would have to fill in.

    IMM5710 is the basic form but depending on each case, applicant might have to fill other forms (if you have a spouse, if you have a lawyer to represent you, background check, etc.). IMM5710 is validated in Adobe PDF Reader and you will be forced to fill all the mandatory fields. Since Open Work permit is not bound to a certain employer, as long as you indicate that your application is for Open Work Permit, you won't have to fill employer information. I did not fill it as I'm currently unemployed but you can call CEC and ask.

    Photo is required which you can upload right there.
  4. Thank you for the reply.

    when did you apply?

    what was the size of your photo? how many MB?
  5. Couple of weeks ago.

    The photo requirements (size, format, etc.) are all available on the help button when you are submitting your application. I belive 35x45mm is the required size.
  6. does anybody know the processing time for this work permit
    thank you in advance
  7. paper application it will take 88days and online is 62days only so much better to go online you can save time and money........
  8. Hi there,

    Two questions,
    1.should we check Restoration of temporary resident status as worker in the appliacation?
    2. what is the document number, it starts U1********.

    Kindly let me know about this.

  9. Hi,

    Is the Open Bridging Work Permit applicable to the Principal applicant only or is it applicable to both the principal applicant & spouse as well?

  10. Restoration of status is for those who are applying after their permit has expired, but are within 90 days of the date of expiration. BOWP is only available to those who have a current work permit, so if you have to apply for restoration, you are not eligible for a BOWP.
  11. jes_ON has the answer for your first question. With regards to the second one, check your work permit. There is a number that starts with U in the top right corner below the box which has a different number inside.
  12. Hi,
    That means we have to tick intial temporary resident permit or extension of temporary resident permit when we apply for bridging open work permit?

    kindly let me know
  13. Hello guys!!
    I need to ask one question.
    Please do reply.
    My husband is on open work permit and m on study permit.
    We both have applied under cec in august.
    Can we both apply for bridging open work permit or not?
  14. Not enough info. It depends -
    1) If you have received the AOR,
    2) the expiration date of your husband's current work permit - you can only apply within 4 months of its epiry date.
    3) You might be eligible (as a spouse), but I don't think you can hold both a BOWP and a study permit at the same time. You should call CIC...

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