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BOWP & Implied Status URGENT

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by tamiidj94, Jul 15, 2019.

  1. Hi,

    I have a friend who is in a bit of a situation and doesn't know what to do... He has got his AOR for EE (CEC) and has applied today for a bridging open work permit.
    He is going on holiday in 3 weeks for a couple of weeks and the processing time for BOWP is currently 91 days.
    He will be on implied status until he leaves on holiday but what can he do when he comes back? He can't just wait without working for a month or more. What options does he have?

  2. If he leaves Canada he will be out of status and may not be allowed to re-enter (Assuming his current work permit is expiring soon/has expired). Does he have a valid TRV that will allow him to enter as a visitor?

    If yes, then he can re-enter and wait to get the BOWP before he starts working.

    His only other option is to not leave the country.
  3. I strongly recommend that he postpones his trip and travel after receiving the BOWP. As long as he stays in the country, he can continue working under implied status. After receiving the new work permit, he can then apply for a TRV to get back into the country.
  4. When does his current work permit actually expire and when does he plan to return to Canada?
  5. An another possibility is to go at border to make quickly in one day his BOWP!!!! Try it please.
  6. He has to go out of the country for family matters. He would only need an ETA though right? He is not from a country requiring TRV
  7. He tried this on Saturday, as I was under the impression you could do that. He tried two different borders and they both said you have to apply online. There is no way he can do it at the port of entry
  8. His current work permit expires the 1st of August. He is leaving mid August (14th) and returning on September 2nd
  9. Implied status ceases as soon as he leaves Canada. On his return, he will just be a 'visitor" unless he has been granted a new work permit.
  10. Then he won't be able to work till he gets his BOWP. His ETA will allow him to come back, but only as a visitor. His only choices are not to go, or to stop working after he returns till he gets his BOWP.
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  11. You can't get your BOWP at the border.
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  12. Hey, I'm looking for official information whether if we can or not apply to a BOWP in the Border. Do you have more details? Thanks
  13. it was stated on CIC website.
  14. Do you have the specific link? I couldn't find where it says the BOWP can't be get at the Border. Much appreciated.
  15. BOWP won't be granted to:

    • foreign nationals applying for a BOWP at a port of entry (POE) or visa office
    Source: https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/corporate/publications-manuals/operational-bulletins-manuals/temporary-residents/foreign-workers/provincial-nominees-permanent-resident-applicants/bridging-open-work-permits.html

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