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borrow money from third parties.

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Waldounited, Jul 11, 2018.

  1. last night i was reading that borrow money can be a bad move during visa process, but i moved money from my payroll account to my savings account, also i got big bonus deposits from my company 2 weeks before applying.

    im not so worry about because those moves i made it with my accounts, but how bad can be if third parties deposit money to your account during this process?
  2. What do you mean third parties?

    If you have documentation/an explanation from your company of those bonuses (payroll, etc), it won’t be an issue when you show them.

    It’s undocumented, unexplained large deposits, such as borrowed money, that is a bad idea.
  3. third parties Meaning, like friends or when people ask for families big deposits like 1,000 US dollars or above. (not my case)
    Fortunately I scanned my last payments from company and my payroll acount statements.

    I received a deposit (201 us dollars gift) to my payroll account 2 days before apply and then moved to my saving account
  4. What I said previously stands.

    So you are fine.

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