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Discussion in 'Permanent Residency Obligations' started by Anvari, Jun 22, 2019.

  1. Help!!

    Im already working in Canada, but to get my PR i´ve been asked for biometrics. Is there any way of doing biometrics inside Canada? Do I need to leave the country just to do biometrics?

    I have asked for an extension cause Im not able to leave right now, but still didnt have any confirmation. I must submit it before 5th july. Do you know if they are giving extension? and for how long?
    what is gonna happen if i dont submit it on time???

    Thank you
  2. Hi

    1. No, you can't do Biometrics in Canada.
    2. IRCC will probably give you a little leeway, usually 30 days, then you would probably get a letter along the lines, if you don't do them, "it would appear that you are no longer interested in Emigrating and your application has been closed"
  3. How can I know if I got the extension or not? I still didn’t have any answer
  4. Hi

    1. Not having a crystal ball, you will have to wait for a reply from IRCC
  5. Hi..have you done already your biometric? Did you get a reply from them regarding your extension?
  6. you should call to CIC, explain your situation ask what should i do?
    second thing you should write web form, to IRCC, explain situation
    Third thing try to give your biometrics as soon as possible
  7. Hi..do you have the number for cic?
  8. Hi. Have you already submitted your biometrics and did they gave you an extension for it? I still haven't submitted mine although in the applicant information under the biometrics, my previous biometrics for my working visa application is already there. I emailed ircc through the webform if I still have to submit biometrics since I am already in Canada and they replied that they already forwarded my enquiry to the proper authorities and I just have to wait for further instructions. My biometrics was due on Sept 6.

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