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Biometric Expiry Date Extension?


Feb 14, 2020

I recently submitted an application for a study permit extension. On february 1st, I received a message saying that I will have to submit my biometrics by march 1st (the expiry date).
So I was looking at the websites to make appointment at service centers around my area - and I found out that all the appointment times were taken until march 1st. The available appointment times were all placed in the middle of march or the end of march, which is past the expiry date of March 1st.
I have called the service centers if there are any other appointment spots left over, and they said there were none available. I also called the IRSS center to request for an extension on the expiry date - but they were unable to answer the call because there were too many other calls they were receiving. For now I have sent in a web form, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to get it solved through web form.

So, here are my questions:
1. Can I get my biometrics done without making any appointments?
2. Is it possible to get an extension on the expiry date? If so, where should I contact and what should I do?
3. Are there any other ways to solve this problem?

Thank you!
+ also, all other service centers that are not around my area take about 4 hours to 9 hours to go there - so I really want to do it at centers around my area.