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BC PNP Regional Entrepreneur Category

Discussion in 'Business Immigration' started by libratelco, Jan 10, 2015.

  1. I am planning to apply for BC PNP Regional Entrepreneur Category if anyone who has already applied or planning to apply please share about your cases.
  2. Hi Friends,

    I am planning to apply for this program in which we have to invest CA$200k and show CA$400k and last 3 years management experienced.

    Please share your experience and suggestion about this program.
  3. Hi,

    we're in the exact same situation. were on earth do you start to find a eligible business to invest in?????

    I have been on many sites and no one can assist me
  4. Have to do exploratory visit for that
  5. There are business brokers. Some people say there is actually a shortage of eligible businesses as many investors want to participate in BC business immigration since the old federal program shut down (and everyone in process was application cancelled).

    Currently the BC business immigration stream is shut. There is no public information about the new requirements once it reopens, but they could change from current requirements.
  6. Hi all,
    PNP BC was open.
  7. As you know I sent online application on this category on 4th july 2014 and today i got and email from them that noticed my application approved and go to selection pool . my score is 105/200
    I really dont know the range of scores on this pool :(
  8. idk

    idk where to post my new topic
  9. Hi expert's how much points required to get invitation to apply
  10. There is no limit , read the application guide in Welcomebc website
  11. Ahora any update after you got your score. And did you apply in july 2015 or 2014 coz the scoring system started only in july 2015. I applied in august but still waiting for my score to get updated.
  12. Hi rohit jain what kind of business plan yu have mentioned tothem thanks
  13. Hi sameerb, i have proposed pharmacy and surgical items, retail and wholesale in regional areas.
  14. thanks have yu visit canada bc before

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