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Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by sivasadha, Jul 8, 2018.

  1. hi all i need a urgent help ,,,,,
    i got BC PNP nomination in december ,, so i have submitted my paper based PR application on january .
    in april i request for work permit support letter to BC PNP to extend my work permit... in july they replied me that my annual income was
    less .thatsway my condition of nomination was not met required annual income. so they given me 2 weeks time for respond their mail ,,, otherwise BC PNP will withdrawn my nomination . so wat i can do now ,,, and how i can explain them ,,, and i done my medicals also for my PR file ,,,
    HELP PLS PLS PLS,,,,,,,
  2. Why is your income is lower? Did your employer cut your wages down?
  3. No,,, I am getting same wage nothing change in my wages
  4. Then why is the wage that was stated in your BCPNP when you first applied for it different than what you are actually paid with? It doesn't make sense for BC PNP going after an applicant that has the same wages stated in their PNP nomination.
  5. I don’t know how they calculated,,, so pls help me what is the possibility and how I can save my nomination. Medicals was done for My pr,,,,, waiting for my ppr
  6. You will need to show your paystubs as proof of annual income. If your wages is the same when you applied then you should be fine. If not, then BC PNP will withdraw your nomination and inform CIC to cancel your PR application.

    You probably won't get your PR very soon so your application is in trouble until you figure something out with BC PNP
  7. Can you help me?

    For BCPNP Skilled Worker Stream: I am in doubt if it needs to be the minimum wage for that specific position or the medium wage for that position. Because in the guide it says market wages... I do not understand what it means exactly..
  8. Wages should be the median wage. Check on job bank for the median wage of your position.
  9. Thanks for answering. I have many diverge opinions on this matter.

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