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Basement suite required for couples

Discussion in 'Housing' started by arun_kumar543, Jan 10, 2019.

  1. Hi,

    My name is Arun Kumar from Chennai, India.
    Me and my pregnant wife traveling to Toronto by end of this Jan. We both are IT professionals, however have to find a job there in Canada. So, we are looking out for a private basement suite under 1000$ which includes the utility bills.

    If someone can help us, please reach out to my email; akpandiyan1984@gmail.com or to my WhatsApp number 91-9884638600
  2. Are you aware that it will take 3 months for you and your wife to receive medical coverage?
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  3. basement may not be good for kid. check portshotel.
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  4. Yes, we were there before. But don't have any other options left now, as my copy would expire by June and my wife can't travel beyond march
  5. We have budget constraints as we don't have a job. So we can spend only max of 1000$ initially including all. May be once I get job, we will think about moving to apartment
  6. I dont want to scare you or provide some superficial solution (few popular ppl in this forum are sadistic and do so)

    beware that basements are very cold and popular trend in toronto is to lock the tenant with 1 yr lease even for basement.

    in-case you still want to go for basement, check this site: http://www.settletoronto.ca
    and confirm if he can arrange month to month lease for you.
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  7. Locking a tenant into a 1 year lease isn't a trend it is he most common way that rentals of any type and size are done. It will be very hard to find rentals that don't require you to sign a 1 year lease. Many of the month to month places that target new immigrants or international students tend to be more like boarding houses where they cram in as many people as possible and are not up to code. A 1 year lease protects the tenant and the owner.
  8. That is a pretty small budget for what you are asking for. I assume you'll also need to be close to public transportation.
  9. you do not have idea of recent changes coz I guess you have immigrated 20-30yrs back.

    nyways month to month leases are possible and for ignorant immigrants forum is the only way to make them non-ignorant and save them from basements.

    there are tons of posts trying to sublet basement....pls keep urs eyes and ears open.

    as mentioned earlier thr are lot of sadistic ppl here who njoy mis-leading/demeaning ppl.
  10. I rent properties. Yes there are month to month options available. Usually they are more expensive because there will times where it will be unoccupied. 1 year rentals with first and last months rent are the standard in Canada. You will find most rentals require a 1 year lease. After 1 year in most provinces they convert to month to month. You may be against basements but there are good basements suites and bad basement suites same as good and bad above ground rentals. Basements are a very common form of rentals available in the GTA and at a low budget one of the best options.

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