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Bank statement requirements for Tourist visa

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by mehdi77, Jan 3, 2018.

  1. Hi, I'm planning to apply for a Canadian Tourist visa and I need to provide evidence that I can financially support myself. I am employed in UK (academic) and I was thinking of employment letter together with the bank statement as the type of documents. The website says that the bank statement needs to be for the past four months. Since I have recently moved to UK, I only have two months of UK bank statement and before that date I only have American bank statement. So my question is that if this can cause an issue? In other words, do all the 4 months of bank statement have to be from the country that you are residing in now or it can be half and half? Another question is that, roughly how much money should be in my account if I want to visit Canada say for a week? Thanks in advance.
  2. You can include both the UK and American bank statements + 2-3 months' credit card statements (low dues)

    You must include a number of documents such as your immigration status in the UK + documents for your employment, rent contract, family ties, previous travel and valid visas, etc.

    Unofficial guide:
    CAD 1000 per week of visit + airfare + hotel (provisional bookings for the last two, but finances shown must be able to pay for both).

    It is always best to have surplus finances beyond this
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  3. Thanks a lot, Bryanna.
    To fully understand you answer; Does 'low due' mean that the ratio of credit card balance to the credit limit should be small?
    For example I have used 17% of my credit limit; Is it considered low due?
  4. What I meant is that you must have a history of repaying the dues each month. You could swipe right up to 100% of your credit limit if you need to, but paying off the dues/most of the dues the next month would indicate that you have a good financial situation
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  5. Hi i want to ask if without credit card it can affect to your application for them to approved?
  6. Ni, it won't affect your application
  7. Thanks..

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