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Background check before medical

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by Navi grewal, Jun 3, 2018.

  1. :DJune3 2017
    i m PNP manitoba applicant from India .My bg status is "we r processing ur background check "even before medical request n still waiting for DM medical done in seSeptemb 2017.wat it mean..Did they sent my file to CSIS.i doesn't have any travel history
  2. Dear withdraw the GCMS note and it only tell what is going on in your file.My BG started in 15 January 2018, still waiting, when withdrew GCMS note i found i am in interview list and still waiting for interview schedule. I am also SINP applicant
  3. When was it medical done...Did u get background in process befotb medical?

  4. still waiting for mr
  5. Oh okk there r some cases like urs.bt my medical is going to expire after three months.and I already undergone interview before nomination.wat is ur received date
  6. When you submit your file delhi
    When you submit your file Delhi
  7. 10january 2017 file received.in first week if may sent dacumdocu of my new born baby
  8. I was nominated under SINP -OID stream, I submitted my application to CIC oct 2016 , my local office is Singapore
  9. Does it mean a BG started before medicals could be because attention is given to that application and might require interview?

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