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August 2018 AOR - join here

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by andy108, Aug 1, 2018.

  1. How long did it take criminality???
  2. It would be very much disappointing if we are under SS after RR for the last 9 months....I don't know what to say...but i am really pissed off...neither i cant withdraw the application nor get PPR. so much thing depend on PR.
  3. Yes. I feel very disappointed and confused about our security is stuck after rr. We are just simply marketing and sales background people...
  4. My security is in process nearly a month. But I heard many people claim it should only take days for security. I’m worried about security screening for more than 2 weeks
  5. not trying to make u feel down but my security screening has been goin on for 5 months. everything else cleared though
  6. Exactly one year of processing my app and one week after I got a ghost update. I received the 'Ready for Visa' email. A long road to freedom, tough to handle but finally success at the end. I am so happy.
    AOR: Aug 15th
    RR for proof of funds
    Procedural fairness initiated by a senior officer on the 14th of May (i was given 30 days to submit proof of funds )
    PPR July 16th
  7. Ar 13th aug 2018
    Did anyone got passport request who kept there file after 10th of aug?
    I called them they said criminality is done and how long it take for security?
  8. Finally after eleven months and a couple of days, PPR!!!!!!!!!

    AOR 13/08/18
    MEP 04/09/18
    IP2 04/09/18
    RPRF 01/10/18
    ADR (Military Records) 13/12/18
    Ghost Update 17/01/19
    PPR 16/07/19

    Your answer is coming very soon!
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  9. do u have any idea how long it takes for security check? i just called cic they said you passed the eligibility and criminality ?
  10. that depends on the country or countries you have police certificate. I just had one and according to my GSCM notes on January that was cleared.
  11. i do given my police clearance already when i send my file. how can i find that its cleared? gscm?
  12. yeap, only way to find out is trough the notes
  13. how can i find my notes?

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